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SalesEnvy instantly turn Skype into a cost-reducing CRM, outgoing call solution and lead generation device! SalesEnvy was created to lessen overhead expenses, while making your call representatives more reliable!
What if you had call representative that were 200 % more efficient. What if you had call rep that could sent 400 % more e-mails to potential customers. What if you might save +$3000/year on CRM and call solution expenditures. Exactly what would this to do your sales? your business? Well this new Outbound Call Option Sales Envy is every businesses lead generation dream! Call potential customers fast. Send out automated/recorded messages. Send out follow-up, individualized e-mails. Send out 1-click conference invites. Tape-record all calls. Have vibrant call scripts. Handle the whole sales pipeline. You can make unrestricted calls, utilize unlimited minutes and manage unrestricted contacts.

SalesEnvy Characteristics:

Integrated Skype Calling:
Take advantage of the most affordable month-to-month VoIP calling service for your group's outbound dialing option. Make unlimited calls and utilize unrestricted minutes for $3.00/ month. Call prospects from throughout the world. Skype to Skype calls. Calls to mobile and landlines. Group calls.

SalesEnvy integrated skype dialing
Set up Meetings:
Easily schedule conference with employee, possible and existing customers directly from inside SalesEnvy.
1-Click Satisfying Welcomes
Now a sales representative can develop a conference or follow-up with a prospect or client with one click.
All-in-One Dashboard
No need to have two screens or windows open. All dialing, e-mail, calendar, task, scripting, call recording, cadence and voicemail procedures are under one roofing system in SalesEnvy.

SalesEnvy dashboard
Auto-Dialing Ability:
Time is cash. SalesEnvy allows sales reps to be able to not skip a beat, as the next phone number on your list is instantly called as quickly as the previous call has actually ended.
Sales Pipeline Management:
See the whole sales procedure from possibility to client and See at-a-glance statistics on your general sales team performance and metrics. Quickly handle every contact into a clear and defined personalized sales funnel. Visually see where each contact remains in your funnel and what step/action is needed to efficiently lead them through your funnel.
Sales Script:
Import dynamic sales scripts that your sales team can utilize when on a require quality assurance and to optimize conversions. Ensure a level of standards and consistency with your sales team by making use of vibrant call scripts. While on the call, a sales rep can quickly choose and follow a step-by-step script to check out, guaranteeing a flawless shipment to help create SalesEnvy Software Review a lead or make a sale.
Follow-Up Reminders:
Take control of events for follow up, timing of the day to call, time zones, follow-up dates dues or overdue.
Call Recording:
Record every call that is put in Sales Envy for training, quality assurance, and to reference at a later date. Tape any call to be evaluated on your own or a supervisor at a later time. Great for quality control and training your sales reps.
Activity Reporting

Monitor your sales team and activity by tracking important metrics like, how many calls are being put, how many voicemails are left, the number of e-mails have been sent out, connect ratio, which script design templates are converting best and more.

SalesEnvy activity report
Pre-Recorded Messages
Quickly filter through your contacts, making sure that there are routine follow-ups with your prospect.
Did you understand that when you schedule and verify the next meeting on the phone, that verification rates are close to 100 %? While on the call or after, you can send a tailored e-mail right from the system and select from predefined design templates SalesEnvy Software to send. Never ever need to login to an email marketing system. Send out a personalized e-mail to your prospect directly from inside SalesEnvy.


Now normally a SalesEnvy license goes for $30.00/ month per user. go here For a brief time, you can grab LIFETIME access for 1 or more users for a one-time financial investment.

SalesEnvy immediately turn Skype into a cost-reducing CRM, outgoing call solution and lead generation device! SalesEnvy was designed to lessen overhead expenses, while making your call reps more effective!
Well this brand-new Outbound Call Option Sales Envy is every companies lead generation dream! Guarantee a level of requirements and consistency with your sales team by making use of dynamic call scripts. While on the call or after, you can send a customized e-mail right from the system and choose from predefined design templates to send.

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